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A user-centered digital agency with solid technological knowledge

We think . We design . We code .

Our philosophy

We strive to create unique and compelling digital experiences to ensure that your customers love your brand and keep coming back. We provide real solutions to real challenges.

We think

We collaborate with our clients to explore innovative solutions to their day-to-day challenges and devise the best possible strategy to achieve the desired goal for their projects.

We design

We craft digital products, online platforms, mobile applications, marketing websites, digital branding, and more. We build meaningful, design-driven experiences that users can easily fall in love with.

We code

Whether it’s web development, creating Apps, integrating APIs, CRM or Marketing automation projects; we have a highly qualified team of experts who will guide you through each step of the development process and that you can trust with the delivery of your most crucial projects.

Our team

We are a versatile team of strategists, designers and software engineers with many years of experience. We earn our clients’ trust day after day.

Our UX Design Process

From the conception of your idea, and throughout the entire process until the final product, we work with you constantly to find the most efficient solution, empowering your team at the same time.


We begin our user-centered design process by setting objectives and goals. At the discover stage, we analyze your company, your users, your competitors, your market space and your entire industry. That way we know your customers’ needs and expectations in detail.


We explore innovative ways to create extraordinary products and experiences with our qualitative and quantitative research. Only through collaborating with our customers are we able to effectively devise a UX strategy for your project and define how to measure its performance.


We are guided by user behaviors from the early discovery phase throughout the entire process until implementation. Whether it’s custom software, mobile apps, art direction or websites, we build digital experiences that provide real solutions to real challenges. Our design team continually refines and iterates prototypes until your digital product is just the way you envisioned it.


We plan an extensive architecture for your project with continuous integration and state-of-the-art technology. We have a highly qualified team to ensure reliability, performance and scalability in all our software developments. We follow best practices for coding to ensure your digital products meet the standards of the market.


We are constantly testing and meticulously deciphering the results of our analytics to measure the outcome of every project according to the specific needs of every client. Through deployment, validation, and iteration we add value to your projects into the future.

UX & UI Design

We believe in designing holistic experiences that cover the user’s entire digital journey spanning any number of touchpoints or channels. Whether it’s a user interface, flow & interaction or core functionality; everything that affects the end-user becomes integrated into the main focus of our design process.


Esteve Teijin

Esteve Teijin, a company dedicated to providing innovation and services to respiratory therapy, contacted us with the challenge to create an app that allows their patients to be autonomous for planning their medical visits and also offer them information about their treatments.

Boehringer-Ingelheim Norway

The challenge was to improve Diabetes (DM2) treatment of the Norwegian population by developing an AI system that would provide guidance to GPs to start and/or optimize patient treatment using all approved drugs in Norway. The scientific knowledge and insight provided by a team of medical experts and national guidelines were modeled into a mobile-first website design using advanced UX techniques to make the system 100% secure while at the same time usable by any local practitioner.

Multichannel Marketing

We create advanced multichannel marketing content and we make it available on the proper channel at the right moment for each and every customer, allowing us to optimize sales campaigns while maximizing brand impact.



This project aims to maximize the efficiency of the sales team on the pharmacy store by providing the Sales Rep with an advanced realtime view on key aspects of the customer’s business performance. Key insights and data, both current and historical, are presented right before the next visit, allowing the rep to focus the call on achieving the right outcome in terms of new orders and improved product coverage and visibility.

Veeva CRM

We are one of the very few agencies worldwide with the maximum level of Veeva Partnership Certification.

These companies place their trust in us

For more than 20 years we have collaborated in designing and developing their digital products and ideas.


Initial year of engagement: 2016

“I want to give you feedback about the certified agency USACD, that with a notable difference is the agency which best support us in the creation and developing of new materials in Veeva. The team (accounts and technical) that is behind the scenes is very efficient and professional for giving us solutions and accompanying us in our way into Veeva. From IMCM department we absolutely recommend this agency”.

Anna Casanovas Gil, Head of Integration Multichannel Marketing
February 2020

ALMIRALL Global (Spain, Germany, Italy, France, Belgium, UK & US)

Initial year of engagement: 2019

“I’ve been working with USACD for over two years. USACD team is always willing to go the extra mile to ensure that the different projects are a success. They have been a key piece in the implementation of Veeva in my company, both at global and local level. What I appreciate most is how easy it is to work with them and the new ideas that they suggest, as well as their continuous support no matter what. I really recommend working with USACD, all your Veeva projects will be successful!”

Martina Navarro, Global Product Manager in Dermatology
November 2021


Initial year of engagement: 2016

“We started working with USACD about two years ago with the launch of a corporate promotional website. Since then, we have been working together in some multiple digital projects, and I can only say good things of all the journey so far. USACD team is always available and they make them feel very close to my team, so we appreciate so much their support, their desire to do new things and improve the existing projects and also their quickness to implement all the projects as soon as possible. We also appreciate their Veeva knowledge and the capacity to integrate all our projects in the Veeva system, what is really important for us. From my side, I recommend this agency without doubts.”

Roger Torra, Product Manager Junior Neuroscience
January 2022

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