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Helping patients planning their medical visits and managing treatments

Esteve Teijin

The Challenge

Esteve Teijin, a company dedicated to providing innovation and services to respiratory therapy, contacted us with the challenge to create an app that allows their patients to be autonomous for planning their medical visits and also offer them information about their treatments. 

The Outcome

To achieve the goal, we implemented methodologies of Design Thinking for discovering the needs of Esteve Teijin and their patients in order to offer them the proper solutions.

The Team

For a year, our team of Product Owners, Project Managers, UX Designers and Developers have been working together with Esteve Teijin’s management, marketing, Contact Healthcare and IT departments to launch a digital product on the market that aspires to modify how Esteve Tejin`s team interacts with their patients.


At the beginning of the project, we conducted interviews with the stakeholders to see the scope of the project’s needs and requirements and we defined the project roadmap.

UX Strategy Workshop

Along with the stakeholders, we carried out collaborative activities to share and analyze the results of the interviews and benchmarking.

User Personas

By defining the archetypal users of the app and their needs, we were able to create a guide throughout the design process to make decisions according to their requirements.

Information Architecture

After the research phase, usacd worked along Esteve Teijin for defining the content structure and the communicative tone of the app.


With the architecture defined, the next step was to create the wireframes. Those prototypes represent the structures, navigation and elements of the app. As they are interactive, Esteve Teijin was able to evaluate the proposed flows before starting with the graphical design.

Visual Design

Once the flows were validated, usacd worked in a visual design of the app representing the Esteve Teijin values and also the needs of his patients.


The design was presented to Esteve Teijin through interactive mockups so the client was able to approve the visual image before starting with the programming.


The development was the last part of the process and the Esteve Teijin app came to real.

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