SPMSD / Rotateq

Advanced Multichannel Campaign using Veeva Ecosystem

The Challenge

Today most of the face-to-face HCP calls executed by reps using CLM doesn’t involve the HCP profile. On the contrary, they usually follow a one-fits-all message flow. The current call model only reaches a message impact, without any consideration for relevance and personalization, which in most cases makes the call totally ineffective.

Our Role

  • Digital and Content Strategy
  • Visioning and Prototyping
  • Digital Brand Styleguide
  • Web and Mobile
  • Systems Integration
  • Platform Development

Project Goals

Increase call effectivity by:

  • changing the paradigm of the face-to-face CLM call
  • increasing the chances of the Rep listening first to the HCP
  • understanding each individual customer’s needs before to start delivering messages
  • and finally follow an interactive message flow optimized for each HCP profile

Increase customer satisfaction by:

  • creating a shorter and more relevant interactive call model
  • delivering only highly relevant content and then try to extend the interaction outside of the face-to-face scope
  • providing additional services to the HCP through a multichannel call extension


Creation of a highly interactive CLM & multichannel campaign using the Veeva ecosystem (CRM/CLM/Approved Email/Engage for Portals), capable of producing a real-time interest profiling of each HCP using a customer survey executed by the Rep as an introduction to the call.

The result of this profiling determines the message adoption level of the actual HCP visited, and thus assigns the specific message flow optimized by the brand team for his or her profile group.

The call ends with a multichannel system offering additional content over the web using Veeva Engage for Portals, delivered through a personalized email using Approve Email templates and fragments.


Much shorter and relevant calls were delivered which increased the customer satisfaction and driving up the reps confidence and credibility. HCPs appreciated the new call model that enabled them to create value and save their most appreciated asset: time.