CLM Design & Programming

From a carefully crafted CLM piece, up to a Digital factory approach for high throughput assignments

Be Relevant

  • Intelligent content & flow
  • Responsive according to device
  • Dynamically personalized to CRM profile

Gather Insights

  • Rich, interactive content with data capture
  • Integrated surveys & target profiling
  • App-like interactions with feedback to CRM

Collect & Integrate

  • Mobile and web integration with CRM
  • Real-time access to Salesforce from anywhere
  • Unify customer access and usage data across channels

Stay on Top

  • Data input/output and systems integration via Salesforce API
  • Web pages and forms integrated into CRM
  • In-place content tracking


  • True end-to-end Veeva Multichannel Campaigns
  • Approved Email & CLM Integration
  • Call extension with new CRM Engage suite

New Veeva CRM MyInsights

Reshape the way your current Reps interact with the Veeva

Discover a new way to visualize, manage and analyze your strategic data

Help your Reps to make the best decisions through real time data

Get the flexibility that you need to solve real-world problems with unique customer requirements.

Veeva CRM Approved Email

Connect with your customers and deliver value with a personalized
message anytime, anywhere

Approved Email Template & Fragment design and programming

Veeva Vault Management

Veeva CRM Events Manager

Empower your sales reps with this powerful tool and integrate it in your promotional pipeline. Ask us how!

Approved email templates for invitation to private events

Landing & registration pages for public events

Veeva CRM Engage suite

Engage your customers online with new tools and compliant content, optimized for the right interaction over each digital channel, target and moment in time

Veeva Engage meeting, Veeva Engage webinars, Veeva Engage for Portals