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Using a systematic approach and design-thinking, we guide our clients along each step of the process building digital products from the initial idea to the final product.

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UX/UI design

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Frameworks Backend/API


iOS/Android native apps

Augmented Reality


Esteve Teijin

Esteve Teijin, a company dedicated to providing innovation and services to respiratory therapy, contacted us with the challenge to create an app that allows their patients to be autonomous for planning their medical visits and also offer them information about their treatments.

Boehringer-Ingelheim Norway

The challenge was to improve Diabetes (DM2) treatment of the Norwegian population by developing an AI system that would provide guidance to GPs to start and/or optimize patient treatment using all approved drugs in Norway. The scientific knowledge and insight provided by a team of medical experts and national guidelines were modeled into a mobile-first website design using advanced UX techniques to make the system 100% secure while at the same time usable by any local practitioner.


General Optica

Placing the right product at the right spot on display can be a very tedious job: especially if you market tens of thousands of different eyeglass SKUs with hundreds of points of sale, and each shop has its own set of furniture capable of holding thousands of display units. We designed and developed a visual feedback system that allows the HQ team to define the optimal product display for each retail point, knowing exactly at which moment in time the products are in stock at each location and can also correct any deviation by working together with the legacy SAP ERP system.

We build with you, not for you

The UX functionalities of our site were top priority and USACD showed a deep understanding of our needs. Furthermore, the number of details and an unusually high request for changes along the way required flexibility from both sides… It felt like USACD was really part of my team, showing dedication and responsibility. I would strongly recommend working with them…

Rianne Schramm, Medical Project Manager MIDI, Boehringer-Ingelheim GmbH

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